The Demise of a competitor

Friday 6th November 2015

Our genuine opinion on why Bristol now has one less leaflet distribution business £27 per 1000 - That's the problem. One of our previous competitors, LDP services is unfortunately no more. After a couple of years operating in Bristol they have made the decision to no longer continue. LDP were probably the cheapest company in Bristol to offer this service and ultimately this has probably cost them their business. Delivering leaflets is laborious, time consuming and generally hard work. That means that it costs money. The operative needs to be motivated and engaged, and paid a sufficient amount of money that means that they are aware of the responsibility placed on their shoulders. They also need to…

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Moving on up - and going as green as possible!

Friday 2nd October 2015

We're moving home We're delighted to be moving into our new home at the Filwood Green Business park as of Monday 5th October 2015. Our present site has perfectly served the needs of our business for around the last 2 years but the lure of the shiny new premises at Filwood, with it's array of quality services is too great to resist. The site itself is excellent, built to an environmentally friendly spec, will allow us to continue to offer the same service level as always and will also offer a more customer friendly environment when any of you would like to visit us to discuss a potential project. As part of the site ethos, we've been asked about our 'green'…

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On yer Bike

Monday 10th August 2015

We're pleased to add our new service to our range, Cycle Ads! The concept behind it is a simple one, we want to offer our new and old clients something slightly different. Leaflet Distribution is still a very viable and cost effective way of marketing your business and certainly can pay massive dividends for Brand Awareness but we're hoping that these Cycle Ad's offer a different solution which can complement your marketing activities. Bristol is increasingly becoming more cycle friendly and the amount of people that will see these adverts will be significant so for the cost in money, this really is a method that can offer very good ROI. As always just give us a shout for some more…

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Questions and Answers! - Leaflets work!!

Tuesday 7th July 2015

For our first Blog entry on our new website, I would like to share with you a conversation with a customer today and my thoughts on why and how leafleting is still a more than viable advertising method. Our customer is looking to target particular property types and also homeowners rather than tenants. We were of course, as is standard with our service offer advice and the benefit of our experience to make suggestions as to the best parts of Bristol that would be the most suitable or his target market. Once this was all agreed, our customer who is trying leaflet distribution as a advertising method for the first time, asked us the 64 million dollar question!!! "what kind of a…

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