**How can I be sure my leaflets are being delivered?**

How can I be sure my leaflets are being delivered?

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Understanding our distribution procedure.

At Bristol Leaflet Delivery we distribute for dozens of high profile clients across the region. We frequently welcome new clients and are always happy to chat through any questions you may have. A common concern for new clients is, as above "how can I be sure my leaflets are being delivered"?

It's a great question to ask! After all, clients will spend a fair amount of time and expense planning a leaflet drop. From planning, design, and printing costs to the final execution of delivery. It's a thorough process and one that our clients deserve to get right, first time! Our company procedure for making sure leaflets go through letterboxes are stringent, and have been developed over the last few years to ensure greater efficiency.

Our greatest tool for monitoring deliveries is GPS tracking. GPS tracking allows for distributors to be monitored on the routes they have taken, how long they have spent and what hour of the day the
deliveries were made. All our distributors must wear these whilst delivering. Never use a delivery company that does not offer GPS tracking. The technology is readily available now for this to be a standard requirement. Any reputable distribution company will offer this to provide clients with recorded evidence of delivery.

The trackers we use are i-got u Gt120's and also Gt-600, (pictured below)

These pick us a satellite signal every 10-seconds. The trackers are monitored via our internal system (pictured below from a delivery in Hengrove in Bristol) and then verified against the delivery route.

These are viewed for every small batch of work carried out. Once a job is fully complete, all the tracking is collated together and placed into a Google Map which is then sent to the client. An example of this is below from a delivery in BA1. This is a very user friendly portal and clients can view all of the detail and see all of the area physically covered on the distribution.

Aside from GPS, the core principles we follow are to ensure good delivery standards are:

- Recruitment - Distributors are selected based on experience, reliability and attitude.
- Training - Agreed contracts and training to ensure all delivery staff are aware of requirements.
- Supervision - Frequent communication and regular checks on all staff.
- GPS Tracking - Constant monitoring of the distributor's tracking data is sent to clients.
- Feedback - Any delivery issues that occur must be reported back by distributors.

Once a delivery is completed we can, if desired, carry out backchecks on the delivery. This involves a supervisory team physically knocking on doors to verify that the leaflet has been received by the homeowners.
The ultimate proof of our delivery standards is our increasing amount of repeat customers, choosing to use us time and time again. We are Bristol's biggest leaflet distribution company delivering more leaflets in Bristol second only to Royal Mail. Why not visit our Links page to see what our customers have to say.

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