Our Prices and services V our competitors

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Why the cheapest option isn't the best

From time to time, whilst providing a quote for new business, we get asked if we can lower the price or 'X company' can do them for less. Our response? - we're not the cheapest option but we believe we are the best.

Our prices and services are straightforward, there are two different ways in which we can deliver your leaflets. Our Solus delivery which is priced at either £65 or £70 per 1000 is for your leaflet to be delivered on it's own. This method generally carries the best response rate as the leaflet has the greatest chance of being looked at and then hopefully acted upon. Rates for other companies vary for this service, some don't offer it at all and others do at similar rates to ours.

Our other service level is for shared plan delivery, this is where the differences to other companies apply. Our competitors, Royal Mail included, will deliver a minimum of 3 leaflets together, often as many as 5, meaning that your leaflet will almost always be delivered with take away menus and similar. The price they offer for this will be around £30 per 1000 but the effect will be almost nothing as most people aren't ever going to see your leaflet.
I'm proud to say that our shared plan is different, it's slightly more expensive at £40 per 1000 but the beauty of it is that it's your leaflet delivered with just 1 other. So for a great price, your leaflet is still seen by most people that receive it, by virtue of the fact that it only goes through the door with one other.

As I always try to explain to clients, this offer is great value for money in comparison to paying £30 per 1000 for your leaflet to be delivered with 4 others.