April/May - Election Fever

Monday 9th May 2016

When Political parties in Bristol need their leaflets through doors, they call us

The recent elections across Bristol have certainly kept us busy during April.
There were three different types of election in Bristol, namely, the Mayoral election, the Vote for the Police Commissioner and also the vote to elect Ward Councillors.

We have been involved in all of these and are proud to say that we are able to provide a very valuable service to the parties. Our service is proven to be reliable, efficient and also cost effective.
The challenge for political parties (applies equally to businesses) is that they need their audience to be aware of what they stand for and are all about, getting the literature through the door is still the best way to do this.

Our clients, who include all of the main parties plus many independents knew they could rely on us to get their message to the electorate, and that's what we did. Democracy then decides!.