Local v National - the truth of the industry!

Tuesday 26th January 2016

Local company, with local knowledge and expertise v company with No local knowledge

Last week we had the pleasure of being invited to a big Bristol business to discuss potentially becoming their new distribution partner in Bristol, i'm delighted to say it went well and we will be delivering on their behalf very shortly.

During this meeting we discussed how they have had deliveries carried out up until now. It turns out that they have been using a company who operate nationally, in fact with no the greatest success.

We have noticed that there are a few of these companies about who claim that they can distribute leaflets to any area, the truth is they actually can't. The reason being is that they are based usually many miles away from Bristol, they have no local knowledge or in fact any local staff that can deliver leaflets locally for them.
What they do is portray an image that they can deliver as requested, and then try and outsource the work to a Bristol company. Not such an unusual business process, however, for the price that they are charging, to make any profit, they have to find a local delivery company that will quote them a silly price. Companies that quote silly prices can't deliver on their promises and the leaflets don't get delivered.

It's understandable that clients are keen to work with a national partner for a few reasons but with leaflet distribution being quite a specific area with unique challenges, working with a local partner with the knowledge and infrastructure locally to make the delivery a success is the best option.