The Demise of a competitor

Friday 6th November 2015

Our genuine opinion on why Bristol now has one less leaflet distribution business

£27 per 1000 - That's the problem.

One of our previous competitors, LDP services is unfortunately no more. After a couple of years operating in Bristol they have made the decision to no longer continue.
LDP were probably the cheapest company in Bristol to offer this service and ultimately this has probably cost them their business.

Delivering leaflets is laborious, time consuming and generally hard work. That means that it costs money. The operative needs to be motivated and engaged, and paid a sufficient amount of money that means that they are aware of the responsibility placed on their shoulders. They also need to be supervised and monitored via GPS technology. This all costs Money!
It's imperative that no only does the operative receive adequate pay for the difficult and physically demanding work they are carrying out, but the business needs to make a profit also. Doing all of these things whilst offering customers delivery for just £27 per 1000 is just not possible.

Our lowest price point of £40 per 1000 for our Shared Delivery (with one other leaflet) represents great value and allows us to operate a business which can maintain a workforce and provide great customer service at all times.